Our Team

Born and brought up in Doha, Zunira always wanted to do something for the local and expat community, and What's Up Doha is her answer to all. Her spontaneous personality clubbed with a friendly nature makes her a great edition for the team.
The captain of the ship, He is the creator of what we all know as What's Up Doha. Having love for his now home Doha, A known & respected entity in the corporate culture of the city. With him as Lead gives a great boost to the structure of team What's Up Doha.
Our VFX expert, Junaish is equipped with industries latest skills. A quite personality but always having a party in his head with all the creative ideas dancing around. Another gem in the bag of What's Up Doha.
Zakaria Boulahya
Zakaria takes entire project on another level as Project Manager. His experience and knowledge is all about marketing, social media and production. An active and charming person he make sure that our brand is known and recognized in the best of digital marketing medium.
Monicah Kimani
Our Social Media marketing can’t get any vibrant then this, Monicah is here to help you strategize all your digital needs when it comes to all social media platforms. She is MBA from University of Essex, UK. She have acquired and developed skills in TV production, Marketing and Social Media Management.
Juwairia Behzad
Whats Up Doha team is a power house of talents and Juwairia is the due compliment for such a reputation of Whats Up Doha. Young, Smart, energetic and full of ideas, She is steering the ship of Website development for Whats Up Doha. Standards of quality delivery for Whats Up Doha stays constant due to contributors like Juwairia.
Mohammed Affan
Mohammed Affan is a fine addition to the team. He brings super energy to lift every updates on Social Network. A much experienced with media content where he is a hearth-robe. Affan is another key player in the progress of What's Up Doha.
Zarwa Khan
The responsibility for Client affairs is taken care by Zarwa, having a friendly nature at heart, She caters our clients with utmost professionalism and perfection. The reliable bridge for clients to talk with What's Up Doha.
Ayesha Younis
Ayesha is our Graphic Designer, a fresh addition which brings her love of art to live by her skills in graphic designing. Young and energetic, she is the perfect match to the recipe of Whats Up Doha's talented team.
Rajesh is the camera eye for What's Up Doha, the determination for perfection and constant creative juice, Energizes What's Up Doha. All acclaimed names in the field of Professional Photography. He is the one with all the gears and brains to frame it all with style.