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By Shehar Bano Rizvi / October 24, 2016

PINKTOBER – Girls Are Super Heroes Too

And I personally know one.. I call her MOM. My mom is a Breast Cancer Survivor.. She is one of...

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By Shehar Bano Rizvi / October 12, 2016

UCI Doha 2016

In the last week of September 2016, we (the residents of The Pearl, Qatar) , got the news (that seemed...

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By ninanotnow / October 9, 2016

MIA Park Bazaar

The MIA Park Bazaar opened yesterday, the 1st of October. Almost a hundred stalls have been set up in the...

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By Swati / October 7, 2016

Being Positive

Being positive is a phrase that is in for a while now. We are engulfed with inspirational quotes, pearls of...

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By Fatima Sameen / September 29, 2016

The Idea Of Happiness

It has been a while since I have written anything meaningful. Then one day, a friend of mine thankfully came...

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By ninanotnow / July 28, 2016

The Countryside Store, Souq Wakrah

I have found the cutest boutique in Wakrah! Welcome to every girl’s dream store, the Countryside Store! This post is one...

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By Fatima Sameen / June 24, 2016

Handpicked handcuffs to modern people: Mobile phones

What is that first image that clicks in your mind when I mention the word "slavery"? Most probably, it’s a...

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By Swati / June 5, 2016

Cars in Doha

Disney should consider approaching Doha to make the next flick in the Cars series. It would be an exciting watch....

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By Fatima Sameen / May 26, 2016

Brand Consciousness: Present Day Enigma

Oh my God! Is that Loius Vuitton that lady is holding? She surely is a thing, man!” “A girl in...

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By ninanotnow / May 14, 2016

Souq Al Dira

Don’t let the external facade fool you. Souq al Dira is classy! You should specifically come here if you are...

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