The Treasure Hunt

There’s a famous dialogue exchange between Shrek and Donkey in the movie Shrek where Shrek tries to explain to Donkey that there’s a lot to Ogres than people think. Unable to understand, Donkey asks for an example. So Shrek gives him an example of an onion. Donkey, then comes up with his best dumb ass guesses by asking Shrek whether they stink or make people cry!

Shrek, in order to explain to Donkey, peels the onion and I will quote Shrek, “….layers… Onions have layers… ogres have layers… onions have layers.. you get it? … we both have layers”

This made me think a little. It’s not just ogres who have layers. We too have layers within us. Layers of aptitude, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and all kinds of emotions.

Most of these layers remain unpeeled during our lifetime as we ignore to be curious about what is seeking to emerge in our lives. The intelligence bestowed on us doesn’t come into play without our willingness to explore it.

It is like the game of treasure hunt, wherein you follow a series of clues in order to reach the treasure. The fascinating part is watching for the clues … collecting those clues ..and understanding them in order to reach the treasure. And sometimes it is the process of engaging that is more enthralling than the actual reward.

It might lead to discovery of as simple or superficial desires as getting a makeover or getting inked … or it can be as radicalising as altering your vibes. I’ve seen people live and die sustaining the same hairstyle or dress sense or attitude. And that top layer becomes one’s identity.

We cannot then blame Donkeys for making false judgements as why would they dive into our dimensions if we ourselves are too lazy to scribble our life page.

Maybe we can create more, contribute more, understand more, realise more, breathe more and love more. The idea is to make our life more potent and effective by engaging in experiments.

So as the Donkey suggests that not everybody likes onions .. people like cakes .. cakes have layers too ….

Cakes or onions .. it’s about you … not about donkeys

And I again quote Shrek .. “it’s just a donkey”

By Swati

By Swati


  • Proрerly, I am stunne you аll left thhe very additional beѕt one for me.?
    Daddy said with a teasing smile. ?It?s that hee sent Jesus
    to die for us and provides uss life endlessly and ever and that due to that we will bе a
    housеһold in heaven forr tens οf millions of years.

    That?sfairly good isnt it?

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