The alarming rise in food waste is a thing of concern for Qatar!


Who could possibly disagree : Food waste is a global shame, especially in a world in which over a billion people are starving, and tackling it should be OUR priority.

And talking about food waste woes, Qatar sadly has landed on one of the top-spot among the food wasters countries of the GCC region.

Food waste has environmental, economic as well as social impacts. Our careless behaviour towards food is taking a significant toll on our finite resources.

Here are a few food malfunctions occurring in Qatar and some ways to take action against them.


1. It is common to see plates piled up with uneaten or partially eaten food in shopping malls, restaurants and eateries. Affordability shouldn’t lead to reckless wastage of food.

In order to minimize that, we shouldn’t feel ashamed of taking /packing ‘left overs’, it DOES NOT affect one’s self esteem and reputation.

2. Huge banquets, often with expensive exotic food, are commonplace in Qatar. Food wastage is more witnessed here,where choices of dishes are many and quantity unlimited.

And so, the answer or attitude towards our food should be ‘take only what you can eat’.

3. People often buy more than what they require or can consume resulting in rotting and expiry of food even before being used or eaten. Being specific in buying what you want and in actual quantities can be a smart way to avoid that.


4. EcoMENA (Qatar based sustainability advocacy group) estimates that half of the waste sitting in Qatar’s landfills is made up of leftover food. We can take a toll by trending in our elders mantra of “buying less and eating leftover food” which is extinguishing due to our ‘modern day habits’.

5. EcoMENA’s research also showed up that 25% of all food prepared during Ramadan is eventually thrown away – In spite of the fact that the distribution of food to poors is traditionally at its highest peak. What we need is more number of communities and organizations coming forward in order to maximise the reach of food to the poorhouse in our society.


Qatar is the fastest-growing food consumption market among the GCC countries. And the reckless attitude towards food only compounds the country’s rapidly growing and expensive obesity problem. It is high time for us to initiate, to become a part of solution in our community instead of waiting for somebody else to take an action.

Let us all be a part of the solution in our communities and around the world. Because when it comes to hunger, the only acceptable number is zero.

By Fatima Sameen

By Fatima Sameen

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