QatART Handmade Markets

Katara QatART Handmade Market is back!

With the weather cooling down at this time of the year, lots of annual outdoor bazaars and markets are starting again. One of my favorites among all of them is the Katara QatART Handmade Market. What’s NOT to love about this market…The beautiful alleys of Katara Cultural Village as the venue, the stunning artwork and handmade items by the QatART members AND the beautiful weather.. It’s just Perfect!

I personally love handmade stuff.. The makers pour their time, energy, and their soul into what they’re doing because they can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s their passion and I love that passion in people! I had the chance to talk to a few of these handmade vendors and they never fail to inspire me with their stories.. Among these crafters are mums, who at one time had high profile professional careers and are now pursuing their passion for the satisfaction of their souls. From Occupational Therapists to Software Engineers to trained Artists.. These women are driven by their passion for their art.. These women are truly an inspiration!

Why should we support the handmade community?

• Some of them are using recycled materials and that is crucial… There is too much stuff in the world already, why produce more when you can recycle.

• Because they are handmade by a passionate artist and made with love!

• Handmade items may be a little pricey compared to mass produced items, but they are unique and make a heartfelt statement of love when given as a gift.

• It also means that no one will give the same gift as you, as every item is unique!

• You are supporting local artists and craftspeople by buying their handmade items.

In essence, buying handmade items is a win-win situation for you and the maker…You enrich your life and home with beautiful handmade goods, and you enable an artist to continue following their creative dreams!

Katara QatART Handmade Market is held after every two weeks, during the winter months. The market kicked off this Friday, the 28th with more than 25 vendors showcasing a large variety of products..

Here is the glimpse of the Friday’s Market.. and some of my favorites from the market….

Small Print Qatar:

Smallprint jewelers specialize in making silver jewelry keepsakes and offer a highly personalized service. I got cufflinks made by them (with my kids names) for Father’s Day and they did an amazing job! Love their pieces!

Cardnama Greeting:

Another favorite of mine at the market.. Beautiful, personalized handmade 2D, 3D and Pop up cards .She also does henna tattoos at her stall.. This one is a must visit!

Jwana Art:

Beautiful pieces by this very talented artist.. I loved the superman-batman art!


Intricate Paper quilled waterproof jewelry & accessories, cards & envelopes, frames and much more..

Hakuna Matata –Happy Pets:

Handmade pets furniture, toys, homemade treats and much more.. Because pets are family!

Patt Handcraft:

Beautiful Felt work, Cross Stitch, Patchwork, Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Birthday Gifts and much more…

Joanne Brooker Caricature Artist & Illustrator:

Get on the spot caricature made or have her over at your next party to make caricatures for your guests. She has also recently published her new book “QITT the sand cat”, a cat in the desert.

Michelle Art Boutique

Silk paintings, canvas and lace paintings, perfect gifts for children birthday parties, room decor and much more…

Asili by Nivine:

Asili hair potion is a Natural Hair Oil mix Handmade w/ for healthier, thicker & smoother hair. Blends 8 super-oils that are 100% Natural with no chemicals.


Cultured pearl jewelry pieces by the only man in the handmade market 🙂

Lou Lauwerys Print:

Lou is a desinger who makes original floral designs, carved from lino, printed by hand.

Extraordinary by Mirsini:

Extraordinary jewelry made of fabric, leather and lace… Unique Zentarte and Paper sculptures by Mirsini Roumelioti.


Beautiful jewelry pieces made with precious stones.. Truly precious!

Dreamz: My world of colorz & Painting Xperimntzz:

Vibrant art pieces by this talented artist.. … I absolutely loved the Doha skyline one..


Rustic wooden creations made with lots of love…

JSP Craft Land:

Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Handmade Crafts, Handmade Greeting Cards, Mini Wall Hangings, My favorite from her stuff are the ‘Tea Bag cards’.. Such a wonderful idea of recycling and creating something new out of it.

Tasbeeh El Abhar Designs:

Handmade polymer clay mugs and spoons and bowls and special key chains..


And many many more…..

So don’t worry if you missed this one, head over to Katara for the next market on November 11, 2016. Follow the QatART Community… and support the artists, support the community!


By Shehar Bano Rizvi

By Shehar Bano Rizvi