There’s More Than A Week-END

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For most of the people that I have bumped into, usually have a fuss that this country is dull and boring. Well, I couldn’t free myself from that fate because I was one of the people telling that indeed, this country is plain boring.

Weekend, most of the people always look forward to it day by day. Working or studying or whatever you call it that makes you busy during weekdays, is an exhausting task mentally and physically. That is the reason why weekend exists. We deserve to take a break, and have some fun and do whatever pleases you.

On a usual basis, as I have been crying out loud on my previous blogs (you can check it here, here, and here) that this place serves nothing but mall, parks, beach and dessert. It took me exactly 2 years to discover that there is much more than the weekend that I have usually known.

Come on, weekend is supposed to be for taking rest, enjoying our comfy beds and diving into al movies stored in our laptop. Yeahhh, been there, always and over again. I cannot deny, even you would agree withme that it’s the most rewarding thing nowadays. And that is to stay in bed. But let me introduce to you what I have discovered!

I started blogging with the sole idea to inspire of course, and to use my time efficiently as an expat wife and a career woman. Thus, juggling between those mentioned tasks is a delightful feeling and I’ve got to use my spare time more productively through blogging.

Realization takes time; it’s a discovery between time and self. I was able to discover things when I started opening myself to the world. Literally, I jump out of my bed and explore the place which was already familiar with me yet I was unable to dig because I was timid before.

Finally, familiar places to me became happy-go-to places and I was able to enjoy at each point because I came to know that such events, parties, meet-ups do exist in Doha.


I take down events in Doha News, on a weekly basis. They feature the list of events on what to expect in the coming week. Thus, it gives us full information to the places we must hit during the weekend. With Doha News, you’ll get updated and you will get the chance to discover what I discovered too! Eventbrite and Qatar bloggers too are very generous to share events information and go to places specially food to hang outs.

Additionally, Whats Up Doha is also a great source of information for current events and trends. They supply such artistic information with great impact on expat living.



This changed my life as an expat.

I’m telling you this because I would like you to explore also what I am now learning to discover. I am sharing this because I want you to somehow redirect your perspective on viewing socialization during weekends. It’s more than what you expect.

As you read this article, it marks my 2nd year anniversary of a risk taker turned to a woman who found career and passion at the right time and place. I can still remember the old self who was brave yet slowly being shattered with confusions. She was able to conquer all those negative feelings and still learning to dwell on being positive all the time.

Expat life is not just being a foreign worker. Each one deserves the happiness that socialization brings. And to be able to bring that in success, one must open himself to the world.


By Luckilylenny

By Luckilylenny



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